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Steel furnace

Materials : 

Aluminum, iron, steel, copper, metallic silicon, lead, zinc, nickel, alloy, metallic calcium, gold ore, other metals

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The steel shell furnace adopts the hydraulic station tilting device; the furnace body is welded with high quality steel structure, which is safer, firmer and more durable; the inductor is surrounded by a yoke and covers an area of more than 65%. Because the magnetic leakage is small, the efficiency is high, and the energy consumption of the aluminum shell furnace is reduced by nearly 5% - 8%. It is equipped with a leak-proof furnace alarm device to remind you of the purpose of safe production. The steel shell furnace body is designed with two kinds of environmental dust removal and heat preservation furnace cover systems, which are cyclone type and side suction type, which meet the requirements of environmental assessment. Users can choose the configuration according to their needs.


◆ The existence of cyclone dust removal furnace cover reduces the loss of heat and improves the safety of the equipment.

◆ Cyclone smoking hood has excellent dust absorption and heat preservation effect, occupying less space.It can roll back and forth, and it can stay in any position.

◆ The cyclone dust hood can effectively absorb dust in the process of spherification in front of the furnace, which is impossible to achieve with the traditional dust hood.

◆ long service life, aluminum in high temperature strong magnetic field environment, easy to cause metal toughness fatigue.In the field of foundry enterprises, it is often seen that the shell of aluminum shell furnace used for about one year is in tatters, while the service life of steel shell furnace is much lon

Parameters Table

Model Inside Diameter Tube Thickness Steel Thickness Magnet Yokes Reducer FurnaceSize Hydraulic Furnace Size
0.5 T 550 mm 5-6 mm 12 mm 6 sets 1.8*1.5*1.35 m
0.75 T 630 mm 5-6 mm 12 mm 6 sets 1.8*1.5*1.45 m
1 T 700 mm 5-6 mm 12 mm 6/8 sets 1.8*1.5*1.55 m 2.5*2.3*1.83 m
1.5 T 760 mm 5-8 mm 12 mm 8 sets 1.8*1.5*1.6 m 2.5*2.3*1.83 m
2 T 820 mm 5-8 mm 12 mm 8 sets 2.7*2.7*2.1 m
3 T 920 mm 5-8 mm 12 mm 10 sets 2.7*2.7*2.3 m
5 T 1150 mm 5-8 mm 12 mm 10 sets 3.1*3.1*2.65 m
8 T 1350 mm 8 mm 12 mm 12 sets 3.5*3.8*3 m
10 T 1400 mm 8 mm 12 mm 12 sets 3.6*4*3.3 m
20 T 1750 mm 8 mm 12 mm 16 sets 4.2*4.5*3.9 m

Operation process

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