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Series one drive two

Useage : 

Forging, metallurgy, precision casting, heat treatment, welding, bending and other industrial fields


A set of power supply can be used with two or three furnaces at the same time. Smelting and insulation power can be arbitrarily distributed according to needs, continuous smelting, heat preservation, temperature rise, quenching and tempering at an accurate temperature when needed to maximize production.


◆ One drive two power supply functions: use one medium frequency power supply to connect two furnaces to work at the same time, one of which distributes high power for rapid smelting, and the other casts the furnace body to distribute small power insulation. After casting, the small power is converted to high-power smelting, and the furnace smelting to the casting temperature is then insulated from high power to low power, that is, the power source can freely distribute the power between two furnaces working at the same time. In addition, it is also possible to allocate equal power (half of rated power) to two furnaces, or to allocate power without one power supply, and to allocate power or power at the same time, which has greater flexibility and practicab

Parameters Table

Model Input voltage Input current Dc voltage Dc current MF viltage MF frequency MF Power Capacity
KGPS-CL-250KW 380V/3-phase 408A 500A 500A 1800V 100-600HZ 250KW 0.25T
KGPS-CL-500KW 380V/3-phase 816A 500A 1000A 1800V 100-600HZ 500KW 0.5T
KGPS-CL-800KW 380V/3-phase 1305A 500A 1600A 1800V 100-600HZ 800KW 1T
KGPS-CL-1000KW 575V/6-phase 526A 775A 1290A 2800V 100-400HZ 1000KW 1-1.5T
KGPS-CL-1200KW 575V/6-phase 631A 775A 1548A 2800V 100-400HZ 1200KW 1.5-2T
KGPS-CL-1500KW 575V/6-phase 789A 775A 1935A 2800V 100-400HZ 1500KW 2-3T
KGPS-CL-2000KW 575V/6-phase 1052A 775A 2580A 2800V 100-400HZ 2000KW 2-3T
KGPS-CL-2500KW 575V/6-phase 1315A 775A 3225A 2800V 100-400HZ 2500KW 3-5T
KGPS-CL-3000KW 575V/6-phase 1578A 775A 1179A 2800V 100-300HZ 3870KW 3-5T
KGPS-CL-3500KW 575V/6-phase 1842A 775A 4516A 2800V 100-300HZ 3500KW 4-6T
KGPS-CL-4000KW 575V/6-phase 2105A 775A 5161A 2800V 100-300HZ 4000KW 5-7T
KGPS-CL-5000KW 575V/6-phase 2632A 775A 6451A 2800V 100-250HZ 5000KW 8T
KGPS-CL-6000KW 575V/6-phase 3158A 775A 7741A 2800V 100-250HZ 6000KW 8-10T
KGPS-CL-8000KW 660V/12-phase 1833A 890A 8988A 3000V 100-500HZ 8000KW 10-12T
KGPS-CL-10000KW 660V/12-phase 2291A 890A 11235A 3000V 100-500HZ 10000KW 15T
KGPS-CL-15000KW 660V/12-phase 3448A 890A 16853A 3000V 100-500HZ 15000KW 20T

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