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12-pulse power supply

Useage : 

Forging, metallurgy, precision casting, heat treatment, welding, bending and other industrial fields


12 pulse thyristor medium frequency power supply with thyristor as the main control element to achieve a better energy saving effect, comprehensive performance is completely better than the 6 pulse ordinary thyristor medium frequency power supply (KGPS medium frequency power supply) rectifier part of the use of 6 phase 12 pulse wave full control bridge rectifier circuit, mainly to rectify 50Hz alternating current into dc. By 12 thyristors composed of 12 pulse wave series fully controlled rectifier circuit, input power frequency grid voltage, control the conduction of thyristor, for the load does not contain 5, 7 harmonic components of the rectifier source.Realize output continuous adjustable dc voltage.Inverter adopts common parallel resonant load.The whole machine adopts double rectifying circuit, dynamic pressure equalizing, with the protection of missing phase, over voltage, over current, low water pressure and human error operation, limiting current and pressure, balancing, stable function and good performance of swept-frequency starting.It has the advantages of obvious energy saving effect, stable performance, easy maintenance, small harmonic interference, strong overload capacity and low maintenance cost.


◆ parallel resonant circuit, simple circuit, reliable operation, convenient adjustment, strong load adaptability, wide range of application.

◆ fully integrated control line, with over voltage, over current, inverter failure, water pressure is insufficient and other protection functions.

◆ start with strict and sufficient conditions to ensure the success rate of start up to 100%.

◆ inverter trigger system phase lock tracking control mode, to ensure that the inverter part in high power factor operation.

◆ special dual-constant current source and dual-inverter bridge parallel current-sharing technology are adopted for high-power power supply to ensure that the current-sharing coefficient Ki of parallel bridge is ≥0.95.

Parameters Table

Model Input voltage Input current Dc voltage Dc current MF viltage MF frequency MF Power Capacity
KGPS-BL-250KW 380V/3-phase 380A 513V 466A 1500V 100-600HZ 250KW 0.25T
KGPS-BL-500KW 380V/3-phase 760A 513V 931A 1500V 100-600HZ 500KW 0.5T
KGPS-BL-800KW 380V/3-phase 1216A 513V 1490A 1500V 100-600HZ 800KW 1T
KGPS-BL-1000KW 660V/6-phase 437A 1782V 536A 2500V 100-400HZ 1000KW 1-1.5T
KGPS-BL-1200KW 660V/6-phase 525A 1782V 643A 2500V 100-400HZ 1200KW 1-5-2T
KGPS-BL-1500KW 880V/6-phase 541A 2160V 663A 3200V 100-400HZ 1500KW 2-3T
KGPS-BL-2000KW 880V/6-phase 722A 2160V 884A 3200V 100-400HZ 2000KW 2-3T
KGPS-BL-2500KW 900V/6-phase 802A 2430V 983A 3600V 100-400HZ 2500KW 3-5T
KGPS-BL-3000KW 900V/6-phase 962A 2430V 1179A 3600V 100-300HZ 3000KW 3-5T
KGPS-BL-3500KW 1000V/6-phase 1010A 2700V 1238A 3800V 100-300HZ 3500KW 4-6T
KGPS-BL-4000KW 1000V/6-phase 1155A 2700V 1415A 3800V 100-300HZ 4000KW 5-7T
KGPS-BL-5000KW 1000V/6-phase 1443A 2700V 1769A 3800V 100-250HZ 5000KW 8T
KGPS-BL-6000KW 1000V/6-phase 1732A 2700V 2123A 3800V 100-250HZ 6000KW 8-10T
KGPS-BL-8000KW 1250V/12-phase 924A 3375V 3695A 4000V 100-500HZ 8000KW 10-12T
KGPS-BL-10000KW 1250V/12-phase 1155A 3375V 4169A 4000V 100-500HZ 10000KW 15T
KGPS-BL-15000KW 1250V/12-phase 1732A 3375V 6928A 4000V 100-500HZ 15000KW 20T

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